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last night. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco with information on this morning's commute. >> reporter: it's going to be tricky for commuters this morning. most of those underground muni trains will be running with a few exceptions. the n-judah and the j-church will be modified. so commuters will need to make modifications. all underground muni trains were shut down last night. a spokesman for the transit group says a blown transformer caused the muni meltdown around 6 p.m. the peak of evening commute. >> apparently it was damaged with water damage from yesterday. >> we waited in the subway and, of course, they never tell you how long it's going to be. >> reporter: this morning, commuters on the j and n lines, they will run a modified service.
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this is so workers can correct an electrical system. muni had a lot on its hands yesterday. we're still unsure about a wheelchair-bound woman's condition this morning. she suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by f market train at church and market. police are still investigating how this happened. and now going back to the morning commute concerning those modified lines, we're understanding that n and j will have some changes. they will stop at this point here where we are at church and duboce but don't worry, lines k, l and m will be back up and running in about a half hour. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. this afternoon, a final vote is expected by the muni board of directors on a pilot program to provide free rides for low income youth next year. san francisco supervisors voiced their support last month. also today, muni directors will talk about enforcing parking meters on sunday and about making all muni rides free on
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friday, december 28, to celebrate the system's 100th anniversary. so how are all the muni problems affecting service this morning? >> gianna is in for elizabeth today. let's find out. >> good morning. they hope to have things on track shortly but there are changes to two lines you want to keep in mind especially heading into san francisco, n- judah and j-church they will be transferring at church and duboce so if you take that that's where you transfer to get you rerouted. other than that, they hope to get things back on track by 5:00. those are the only lines affected. elsewhere, as far as the freeways go we are dealing with a full freeway closure on highway 4 eastbound through antioch. that could be wrapped up hopefully before 6:00 this morning. not seeing any delays on our maps just yet. but it is still pretty early. but again all lanes shut down. westbound traffic moving okay through antioch no delays there. 880 looking good so far in both directions and we spoke with chp a few minutes ago.
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so far no major accidents and incidents on the freeway. things are free throwing through the bay area. >> thank you. we have a reprieve yesterday but another storm is on its way although this one is not quite as bad we hope. >> looks like we are going to catch a break between, just enough for the rivers to recede and creeks to recede, as well. we have more clouds coming our way and stormy conditions are developing right now, fairly calm, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. mostly cloudy skies all around the bay area. here's your next storm system. some of that energy running up to the north, some of it sliding across northern california. there's a chance we could see some sprinkles in through parts of the north bay for today but i think the brunt of this not come through until later tonight into tomorrow morning. so yeah, a little bit of a break today. temperatures going to stay fairly mild into the 60s outside. but then the rain is going to make a return especially overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. i think we're looking at about one to two inches in some of the wettest spots so we shouldn't have to worry about
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the flooding. back to you guys. >> 437 4. a big sinkhole in a street in lafayette will force detours for quite a while. a section of mountain view drive collapsed in the storm siege last weekend right outside of downtown there. now residents are living in the middle of a construction zone. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington in lafayette to show us hopefully some of the work they are doing and hopefully it's coming along. elissa, good morning. >> reporter: engineers say that sinkhole won't be fixed for months. but we have another storm right around the corner coming in tonight. so now the city is working on a quick temporary fix to deal with this incoming rain. this sinkhole is 80 feet long, 40 feet wide and 15 feet deep. it's on mountain view drive, opened up on sunday. heavy rain runsthe plan is a temporary culvert to keep water
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flowing under the road when it rains of a permanent solution will take time and money. some residents who live close to the sinkhole were hoping for better news. >> all our live is just -- we just have this house. [ crying ] >> and everything you worry about it. >> reporter: the city manager told me a permanent fix could cost somewhere in the six figures. now, this morning a section of mountain view drew is still closed. you can see excavators and other heavy machinery sitting in the road so a lot of work to be done. they are going to be out here in full force throughout the day preparing for the incoming storm and for the next few months. also some residents had their water disrupted. there was a water line that east bay m.u.d. was trying to repair yesterday so a handful of people still dealing with that but they are doing their best to get everything under control while they work on that giant sinkhole. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. to the south and the santa cruz mountains now vine hill
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road off highway 17 at scotts valley will be closed indefinitely. a whole section of hillside disappeared in the storm taking the roadway below with it. crews don't know how long it's going to take to fix that. and marin county a school in fairfax that was damaged by the storm will reopen today. white hill middle school serves about 600 students. it was closed yesterday because of water and mud damage to four classrooms and administrative offices and staff room. a professional clean-up has now been completed. remember, you can track all the rain anytime with our live high- def doppler radar. that's at our website, oakland police will give us new details today about the man arrested for attack an autistic girl. the 16-year-old victim walked away from a group home for the developmentally disabled a week ago. staff members saw her go but federal law says they could not stop her. they followed her but lost her
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near the fruitvale bart station. two days later she was found on a bus in san francisco. >> the bus driver had noticed that she had been beaten and was concerned about her. he could see that she was bruised and distraught. and so he called 911. >> the suspect is 36 years old. he was arrested yesterday. alameda county prosecutors could file charges against him today. police are looking for a man who robbed a walgreens of a narcotic pain reliever in palo alto. a surveillance camera captured images of the suspect. police say he asked for oxycontin and showed a pharmacist a gun inside the bag. the suspect is a white man in his 20s about 6 feet tall with short cropped hair. he was wearing a white hat with a seattle seahawks logo on it. checking other bay area headlines now on this tuesday, the port of oakland and union workers have reached a tentative contract agreement. two weeks ago more than 500
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members of the seiu local 1021 went on strike. both sides have been at the bargaining table for 16 months. details of the agreement will be released when the contract is voted on tomorrow. the contra costa county fire protection district will hold a special meeting to consider a cost-cutting service reduction plan. among the actions being considered the closure of some fire stations. the district had to cut back after measure q failed to get a two-thirds majority in the election last month call for a parcel tax to fund fire services. capitol hill lawmakers now have just four weeks to agree on a budget solution and judging from the rhetoric on both sides, they are getting nowhere. here's susan mcginnis with more on today's scheduled talks and the latest proposal from republicans. reporter: governors from six states are headed here to washington today to tell president obama their thoughts on the "fiscal cliff." the bipartisan group says both sides need to work together to avoid the tax increases and
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spending cuts due to kick in at the end of the year. >> no one is going to get what they want. but we have to compromise. if everything is going to be on the table, how do we negotiate? >> reporter: republicans have given a counterproposal to the president's plan which he issued last week. they say their plan would cut $2 .2 trillion from the federal deficit over 10 years. but $600 billion in healthcare cuts, $300 billion in cuts to mandatory spending, and another $300 billion in cuts to other federal spending. the biggest difference between the republican plan and the president's remains taxes and how the government can generate more revenue to pay down the debt. >> rates have to rise on the top 2%. there's no other way to do it. >> reporter: president obama says his plan will raise taxes on the rich bringing in 1.6 trillion. republicans want to close tax
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loopholes and eliminate deductions to raise $800 billion in new revenue. >> the president has a huge responsibility to work together with congress and find a solution to avert the "fiscal cliff." >> reporter: and they say it's now up to the president to find a plan that can pass both chambers of congress. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. time now 4:40. santa comes early for some facing foreclosure. the promise being made to certain people struggling to keep their homes. >> plus the white house's worst fears. what the syrian government may try to do to its people. >> but a beer run gets ugly as fist flies. the suspects and the struggle coming up after the break.
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clerk got into a fist fightr beer. surveillance video shows a man apparently steag two cases of beer from the s statio a south carolina convenience story lines clerk got into fistfight over a case of beer. a man is shown stealing two cases of beer from the gas station. you see the store employee trying to get it back.
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they struggle. the beer spills and at one points they raise fists and go at it. police have not caught anyone and the beer was a total loss. >> it looked like it spilled all over the pavement. >> wants his beer back. speaking of beer, sad story. >> hey, guys. looks like we have some rain come again. this doesn't look as strong as the previous storm. still a lot of clouds in the skies. hi-def doppler is tracking some of that activity now. you will see off the north coast there we have scattered light showers throughout the day. it may be enough to get things wet. it will take the better part of the day and night before you see rain moving south. temperatures now under mostly cloudy skies in the 40s and 50s. i think as we head throughout the day today we'll see mostly cloudy skies some mild temperatures the rain
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developing in the north bay and then looks like overnight into tomorrow morning that rain more prevalent especially further south and tomorrow showers around the bay area, as well. not much of a break in the stormy weather but enough to keep the rivers from floodings. not a big storm or well organized. it's going to slowly drag on through. but that rain is going to make a return overnight tonight and in toward tomorrow. let's see if bee can time it out on our computer models. most of the energy stays north of the bay area. midnight the cold front is in the north bay and swings to the south so the commute tomorrow could be a little bit wit will not a real washout, just showers. and then it moves out. then we get back to dry weather thursday and friday. so yeah, looks like this one's going to bring us some showers but not as wet as it's been. today 63 degrees san jose. 63 redwood city. 60 hayward. east bay numbers up into the 60s, as well. 62 napa valley and 62 in vallejo. maybe a couple of light sprinkles into santa rosa and 61 degrees there and 62 in san
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francisco. next couple of days, a little bit wet one more time and looks like we'll dry out thursday and friday. and this weekend looks dry but keeping cool temperatures in the forecast. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with gianna. >> thank you very much. we are dealing with some mass transit delays this morning especially with muni. they are working on getting all lines back on track that were affected by the power outage and accident yesterday. hoping to have everything good to go by 5:00 this morning. after that, though the n-judah and j-church lines will still be affected. if you typically take those lines, they will be rerouted at church and duboce so plan for that. the rest of mass transit looking good. no delays on bart. caltrain, ferries and ace train on time. we are dealing with a full freeway closure full for construction eastbound 4 through antioch right at loveridge hoping to have that wrapped up at least by 6:00 this morning. in the meantime traffic not doing too badly. it's light there this morning. still early. no delays on the westbound
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side. we have closures on the antioc westbound side. eastbound 580 right at greenville, doesn't look like too many problems there this morning. slight delays on the westbound side as you work your way through livermore but overall an easy ride through the altamont pass and westbound 580. 880 a nice ride. northbound no delays towards the maze. through oakland southbound traffic looks good. here's a look at our drive times through the east bay. everything is in the green so so far, so good this morning. and the golden gate bridge not showing any trouble spots this morning. southbound one an easy ride as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco. let's take a look at the south bay. we have a photographer standing boy at 101 near trimble and so far traffic is light. no words of accidents or incidents in the south bay. we checked on 280, as well. 280 looks good with no delays. guadalupe parkway also checking in problem-free. don't forget to check out our
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radio partners kcbs 740-am and 10:9 a.m. anti-government activists say fighting is intense in syria. in comes after president obama issued a warning to the assad regime not to use chemical weapons. secretary of state hillary clinton says if assad goes down that road, there will be consequences. >> suffice it to say we are certainly planning to -- to, uhm, take action if that eventuality were to occur. >> turkey has been supportive of the syrian opposition and is concerned about possible retaliation by syrian missiles. a u.s. navy spokesman says no american drones are missing despite claims by iran that it captured one. commander jason filata says all
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the unmanned surveillance aircraft in the region are accounted for. other nations in the gulf including the united arab emirates have scan eagle drones in service. another attempt today to salvage the national olympic league season but this time without the top two negotiators. six team owners and six players scheduled to meet without commissioner gary bettman and the union executive. it's been 80 days since the players were locked out in a contract dispute. a lot of the season has been canceled. yesterday, comedian katt williams was thrown out of a hotel after being arrested for a bar fight. he is wanted for misdemeanor battery. this shows him punching a target security guard last month. the 19-year-old guard said it started with williams giving him a hard time for selling his personal motorcycle helmet and then it got physical. >> he approached me and just the argument was escalated and
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he hit me. people are saying he is worth millions and he just cost me my job. of course that's upsetting. >> the security guard says he was fired without explanation when the video hit youtube. >> some bay area shoppers are getting extra protection this holiday season. oakland police are putting extra patrols on the streets. undercover officers and bike cops are partnering with private security guard. "san francisco chronicle" reports oakland police booked fewer than 500 people into jail in october down more than 1200 since three years ago. stores are seeing an increase in crime problems though. >> there are a bunch of teenagers who hang out and hit all the stores. we are not seeing extra police presence. >> across the country you see an increase in crime during the holiday season. >> the increase in thefts in shopping areas comes as oakland urges people to shop locally. the san jose city council has postponed today's discussion of a man to remove
4:50 am
bird hazards from mineta international airport. the plan would allow firearms to be used to get birds away from the airport where they pose a hazard when they fly into jet engines. if firing blanks doesn't scare them, birdshot could be used. the issue is expected to be on the agenda next tuesday. san francisco's board of supervisors is expected to give final approval today to ban public nudity. protestors stripped at san francisco city hall last month when supervisors gave preliminary approval to the ban. they plan to do so again today. it is 4571. a federal judge temporarily blocks california's new gay therapy law. it is the first of its kind to ban conversion therapy to make a gay minor become straight. just hours after hearing, u.s. district court judge ruled the rights outweigh the dangers it
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may pose to young people will you about still apply to three providers until trial. the drug manufacturer pfizer is starting another round of layoffs. the company is targeting u.s. sales representatives who promote some of the biggest drugs to doctors. feeser no long brother motors lipitor and some of its other products because generic versions are now available. pfizer is not indicating exactly how many jobs will be lost. fannie mae and freddie mac are giving the gift of relief to homeowners this season. both mortgage giants will halt bank repossessions starting in december. they will resume evictions january2. bank of america is also temporarily halting their foreclosure evictions. for a short time. >> for the holiday. >> yeah. 4:52. forget about cat on a hot tin roof. how one kitty weathered the weekend storm on a telephone pole. >> plus morning sickness to the max what kate middleton is suffering from and how you can avoid it. >> and making the season really
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bright. how many lights it takes to decorate this 17-acre estate when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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clouds once again rolling into our skies. got some rain on the way. we'll tell you how much coming up. and so far traffic looks good this morning. no troubles to report as you work your way on the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. free-flowing. most of our bridges actually not bad. we do have muni delays to report. details coming up. there's a cab in oakland that just cashed in on a few of her nine lives. it weathered the weekend storms from the top of a utility poles. neighbors on brookdale avenue say the cat first ran up there on thursday. can you see the little at this timeky? and it was still there today when a fire crew showed up but it turns out they didn't need to do much rescuing after that
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entire ordeal, the cat simply jumped and ran off. >> because it's a cat. >> that's what cats do. >> true. all right. the duchess of cambridge is going to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. she is suffering an acute type of morning sickness. they say the illness is not serious. she just needs to be hydrated. these are live pictures now outside of the hospital where kate middleton is. prince william visited his wife in the hospital last night. the royal palace had hoped to announce the pregnancy around christmas but was forced to announce kate's pregnancy early. lori goldsmith was hospitalized three times with similar morning sickness. >> every morning i would vomit every afternoon every night. it was about 6 months of being completely sick. >> i would do it all over again 20 times. that baby is an angel and i'm so in love with him. >> well, it's not clear when the duchess is due but she is apparently about 12 weeks pregnant. that's tough.
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>> yeah. >> and now people are already thinking about baby names. there's a lot of pressure. we'll be talking about this until the baby is born. here are some possible names for a girl. alice, carolyn, charlotte, eleanor or victoria. very regal names i'd say. >> i like the boys names. >> arthur, frederick, george, leopold or phillip. >> i'm going with leopold. king leopold. >> you can call him leo. >> so we're asking what would you name the royal baby and why? comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at a little fun there this morning. >> think that's going a big story next nine months? >> hello. it is december and time to talk christmas lights and we are going to take a look at a 17-acre property in croatia. it's adorned with over a million lights. this bold bonanza comes in at 1.3 million lights. the family has been putting on the light show since 2002.
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back then it was dimly lit with only a mere 70,000 lights. the cost to light this impressive display, more than $12,000. >> they are getting air time all the way near california. it is 4:57 now. cuts in social security and medicare. republicans respond to the president's budget proposal. >> plus iran claims it captured a u.s. drone. how the u.s. navy is responding and the potential security implications. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where all muni lines are back up and running. last night a power outage caused a meltdown and a couple of other problems. we'll tell you more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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causes a blown transformer.. stranding passengers. how te transit agency is recovering this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. muni mess. storm damage causes a blown transformer stranding passengers. how the transit agency is recovering this

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